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For years Lone Star Trucking and Excavation has been the locally trusted demolition contractor in Fort Worth. No job is too big or too small. Our team of professionals are ready to clear your site. Your job will get the attention it deserves, and we will follow it through to completion.

Understanding Our Fort Worth Demolition Company
Demolition services involve destruction and cleanup. When buildings, site work, roadwork or any other installation needs to be demolished and cleaned up, our professional Fort Worth Demolition Company safely and systematically performs the task. Before structures can be demolished safely, each element of the site has to inspected and mapped by our Fort Worth Demolition Company. Information regarding the structure’s supports and connections is obtained from the architectural plan.

The entire area is toured to examine the support structures. Based on this analysis, our Fort Worth Demolition Company selects the equipment to use for the demolition procedure. For huge buildings, even three dimensional computer models are used to simulate demolition and control the collapse in a structured and predictable manner. Buildings that are in a city block may have columns supported by steel cables. Demolition can be complete or selective, including residential and commercial wrecking and dismantling.

Our professional Fort Worth Demolition Company provides full demolition and clearance services to industrial, commercial and residential environments, within both public and private sectors. Demolition is performed by traditional methods or by using the latest techniques of detonation and implosion. Stripping out and non-structural demolition work, removal and disposal of asbestos and other toxic material, selective demolition where facades are to be retained and adjacent structures supported, are all performed by our skilled Fort Worth Demolition Company.

Procedures Used by Our Fort Worth Demolition Company
Our Fort Worth Demolition Company uses several types of demolition procedures to take down structures. The important factors on determining the most appropriate method are the size of the building and location. Demolition is exactly the opposite of construction. If construction involves putting up a structure, demolition means pulling it down. The most common reasons why demolition is necessary are due to the age and safety conditions of the buildings. Or at times, it could be simply a matter of taking out the old to make room for the new. As newer and better construction methods and changing architectural styles emerge, older buildings may sometimes be marked for demolition. Once the decision is made to tear down a building, our Fort Worth Demolition Company uses several methods to perform the task.

All demolition procedures place safety as the top priority. Our professional Fort Worth Demolition Company selects the safest and simplest method that can do the trick. Smaller buildings like single story homes may require just simple manual demolition. Manual demolition involves pulling the structure down. Mechanical demolition involves both pulling down and knocking down the structure. The best results come from our skilled Fort Worth Demolition Company that uses both manual and mechanical techniques. Mechanical demolition uses machinery like bulldozers, cranes, rams, and excavators. Wrecking balls are also used for larger structures. These are very heavy balls attached to strong cables and swung by large cranes to knock the building into pieces.

Our Fort Worth Demolition Company also makes use of undermining, which is a type of demolition. It helps collapse the building by removing important supporting structures near the base. Undermining is one of the most effective methods to bring the building down quickly and in the desired direction. Implosion is a process where a string of controlled explosions are used to bring down a building, and this is also used by our Fort Worth Demolition Company. The building falls in upon itself, this is accomplished by placing and firing explosive charges in a highly controlled and synchronized manner. Although implosion ensures that surrounding buildings are not affected, it cannot be used often because it is dangerous. The process of initiating the demolition and clearing up the remains is much longer than the demolition itself, which only takes a few seconds.

Deconstruction is also a method that our Fort Worth Demolition Company uses. This is also known as ‘Green Demolition’ because the method is environmentally friendly. This is a very slow, carefully carried out process that is the opposite of reconstruction, and involves our Fort Worth Demolition Company taking the building apart and reusing the materials. This process has the added advantage of reducing the amount of debris that is dumped in landfills after traditional demolition procedures.

Demolition and Selective Demolition
There are instances when some parts of a building need to be torn down, but other are needed the way they are. Our Fort Worth Demolition Company uses the process of selective demolition for this. For this to take place, the demolition process has to make room to separate and sort out the building materials. Selective parts of the building are removed, and our Fort Worth Demolition Company uses this process to effectively demolish interior finishes without affecting remaining structures in any way.

Selective demolition is used mainly when the demolition can have environmental effects. There may be structural considerations that can have potential impacts on other work that is happening within the adjacent area. Selective demolition can take place while buildings such as hospitals, schools and factories are still being used. The work goes on while the facilities remain unaffected and fully functional. Every single thing about the demolition project, such as how and when it will be done, is mapped out in an outline by our Fort Worth Demolition service. All problems that can arise are anticipated and solutions prepared before hand.

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